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Wooden stairs to order

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Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs of our company is an individual approach to the features of your home according to your wishes and style. Our knowledge, experience and imported industrial equipment will make for you a reliable, high-quality and comfortable stairs that will decorate the interior for years to come.

Wooden Stairs

Wooden stairs to order

Main page

Stairs Production

Stairs can be made of oak, beech, ash or other wood of your choice. We use high quality imported materials (glues, coatings, etc.) .. We offer you the wooden stairs on the strings or central beam. We have installed the stairs in different regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Luhansk, Lutsk, Lviv, Mykolayiv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Crimea...

Additional services

Additionally can be provided:

  • balustrade at the entrance, exit, on the floors and on the other side of the stairs;
  • risers;
  • landings;
  • covering the end of the overlap;
  • carvings;
  • furniture fronts and more.



Here you can see cost of the typical stairs. For a detail cost calculation based on your measurements you can use «Calculator».

The cost of the stairs includes:
  • material — wood panels (beech, oak or ash) with slats spliced ​​in width and length;
  • stairways on the strings with height of 300 cm between floors and flights width 90 cm, without risers (depending on your measurements the cost may increase or decrease);
  • balustrades on one side, which includes the handrails, balusters and two posts;
  • industrial three-layer coating using parquet lacquer;
  • installation.

Additionally can be provided:
  • painting in the color you want;
  • balustrade at the entrance, exit, on the floors and on the other side of the stairs;
  • risers;
  • landings;
  • covering the end of the overlap;
  • carvings;
  • shipping over Ukraine;
  • and more...

To determine the stair price based on your parameters you can use the «Calculator» or contact us.

Here you can calculate the stair cost.

Each variation response has tips to help you make the right choice.

If you can’t find type of stairs that you want or you unable to calculate the price then please contact us.





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2-Flights Straight
2-Flights Straight 2-Flights Straight 2-Flights Straight 2-Flights Straight 2-Flights Straight
Two flights straight stair

Two flights stairs with straight steps. Easier to manufacture than a staircase with winders but requires more space and the platform or landing between flights.

This type of stair can be with 90° or 180° turning.

Beech Oak Ash
2 299 EUR 2 417 EUR 2 384 EUR

The landing is not included in the price but if necessary can be provided for an additional fee.

L-Stair L-Stair L-Stair L-Stair L-Stair

Stairs with winders and 90° turning. More difficult to manufacture than a straight staircase but requires less space. The advantage is also the fact that for such a stair platform or landing is not needed.

Beech Oak Ash
2 720 EUR 2 860 EUR 2 940 EUR
U-Stair U-Stair U-Stair U-Stair U-Stair

Stairs with winders and 180° turning. More difficult to manufacture than a straight staircase but requires less space. The advantage is also the fact that for such a stair platform or landing is not needed.

Beech Oak Ash
2 925 EUR 3 060 EUR 3 310 EUR


Demo 1Demo Demo 2Demo Demo 3Demo
Select stair type

To view the description and demonstration of the stair select the type of stair on the left page.


We provide shipping all over Ukraine! After delivery the stairs we immediately get down to their installation. We provide shipping by our own transport and have made sure that the shipping cost is as low as possible.

Shipping cost is $0.36 per km. This cost includes delivery of stair elements, workpeople and tools for installation and the way back. To determine the distance enter your location on Google Maps.

It is also possible tailwind delivery which is much cheaper. Such a scenario is possible if someone have ordered a stair near your location or in the same direction. However, the order in the same direction on a exact date is unlikely and the time of it expectation usually unknown.

Pickup also available. Although usually it is not relevant since we made the cost of shipping as low as possible.


After approval of the project and the price we’ll conclude a contract. At the conclusion of the contract you will have to make ​​a prepayment of 50% of the total stair cost.

After the production and installation of stairs finished we’ll sign statement of finished works and you will have to pay the remaining amount.

Payment can be made in cash or non-cash.

All calculations are made in local currency.


We can manufacture any balusters on your sketch.

The following shows typical sets of balusters included in the listed stair price.

Typical sets of balusters

Balusters may vary in shape and go to the various models.

Other kinds of balusters can be provided for additional payment. Some examples are given below.

Large carved postCarved postBalusters to order

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer other joinery except stairways (doors, tables...)?

We can produce a variety of joinery but deal with wooden stairs only. However, in addition to the stairs we can produce furniture fronts, etc.

Do you make stairs with metal or concrete frame?

Unfortunately not, but we can make steps, balusters, handrails for covering the frame and deliver that to you.

How difficult stairs can be? Do you offer stair with curved parts? How about carvings?

Stairs can be of any complexity. We offer stairs with curved and carved elements. Prices for these stairs can fluctuate widely so they are not listed on the site. You can get more information in the conversation.

What coatings and colorants do you use?

Stairs covered with imported polyurethane parquet lacquer, resistant to abrasion and stains from leading European companies: Sayerlack (Italy), Herlac (Germany), Sirca (Italy) or Vernicolor (Poland). Color is adjusted individually.

Can you make a stair out of my wood?

We can buy your wood if there will be necessary. However, the stair will be made of our material and cost based on these prices. So we can be confident in the material quality and dry.

Can I order balusters or handrails separately?

We manufacture fully staffed stairs. Unfortunately we don’t offer stair parts separately.

How about guarantee?

Before starting work the contract is concluded. After installation and signing of the «Certificate of Completion» you will be provided guarantee for one year.

How long does it generally hold workers in my house?

Every stair parts we make at our manufactory. At your house we make installation only. Approximate time of installation about 1...2 working days.

Did the stairs at "Photos" page manufactured all by you?

Yes. All stairs are shown in the photo gallery manufactured and installed by us.

For suppliers of raw materials

If you are a distributor of materials used for the manufacture of stairs (furniture panels, veneer, coatings, stains, adhesives...) then you can send your offers to the following address: coop@steps.ua

It should be noted that we have established the supply of necessary materials so consider only serious long-term deals with the relevant prices.

Affiliate program

We don’t have affiliate program for this year but we plan to introduce sufficiently effective and user-friendly program next year. If you are interested in participating in this program contact us at email member@steps.ua for more information.


All funds are distributed according to the advertising budget for the current year and the extra cost of advertising isn’t planned. However, by the end of this year will be drawn up next year’s budget. If you have any advertising offers you can send them to the email ads@steps.ua

Your offers will be considered in the preparation of the budget.

Steps that should be made during order

1. Determination of the price and installation date.

At this stage you should calculate approximate stair price. This could be done at "Price" page. You may need the foreman help during entering data for the calculation. Also, you can always contact us directly. Approximate production time of typical stairs are 2-3 weeks. But due to the order queue we can proceed with the production of your stairs at 2024-06-23

2. Order.

If you are satisfied with price, time and other then you need to make an order. This can be done in the same "Calculator" after the calculation or by contacting us. In a conversation with you all the important points will be discussed. Then you can make a decision about your order.

3. Making project.

According to the dimensions provided by you (perhaps indicative) the temporary drawing and 3D-model of the stairs you’ll be able to rotate will be developed. So you can see your future stair and its price. 3D Example

4. Measurements and contract conclusion.

For the contract conclusion the final measurements need to be made, determined all the details and features of the stairs to form the final price. Also during contract conclusion you will have to make prepayment of 50% of the stair cost.

It is better that our expert meet you at the facility for the final measurements, discuss all the details of the order and set the final price of the contract.

To save money you can make an order completely remotely. In this case there should be the person responsible for the sizing. The contract will be sent by mail and you will need to make an advance payment to a bank account. However, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we strongly recommend not to save money on calling our expert to you.

5. Production of stairs.

Stairs elements are made at our manufacture. After production it should be made control assembly when all sizing checked. Then stairs goes to disassembly and three-layer coating. Stairs are packing and being prepared for shipment. At this stage you should start to completion of work at the stair installation place.

6. Shipping and Installation.

After stair has been manufactured it will be delivered in the agreed time. Installation of stairs can be carried over the surface finish. Installation procedure requires a power grid (powertools with output not exceeding 2 kW going to be applied alternately). Approximate time of installation about 1...2 working days.

After installation the «Certificate of Completion» has to be signed and you will have to pay the rest amount of contract.


Please contact us if you are interested in something or have any questions.

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Ask a question and we will get back to you

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